My Approach:

My approach to patient care is centered on respect and appreciation for the complexity of the human body. I strongly believe in providing a holistic and integrative approach to the treatment of urologic disorders so the body may heal itself. Many of my philosophies and attitudes regarding patient care resulted from my own personal battle with cancer, including my decision to become a urologist.

My experience as a patient taught me the most valuable lessons about being a physician including the decision to study medicine with an Osteopathic focus. Midwestern University-Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine provided me with a curriculum combining all of the traditional medical arts with the special emphasis on the entire patient. My subsequent Allopathic training at West Virginia University in the department of surgery and urology allowed me to combine this medical school foundation with strong and independent specialty training in urologic surgery.

After my resident training, my wife and I declined the opportunity to practice in a metropolitan area for the satisfaction of living in a community that offers a much better quality of life. In order to provide the best quality of care for the patients, we have built a urologic center of excellence including a certified ambulatory surgical center.

An area of particular focus in my practice is female urology. During my training I saw an opportunity to improve on the understanding and surgical management of pelvic prolapse and incontinence including the finesse of non-surgical management of over-active bladder, pelvic pain, and urinary control. In addition, my training at WVU gave me extensive experience with cancers of the kidney and bladder. This intensive program provided the necessary skills to later incorporate laparoscopic surgery into my practice.

One of the most practical lessons of being in practice for the last eight years has been the appreciation that less is sometime better for the patient. I have applied this principal by adopting minimally invasive approaches for the treatment of prostate disorders, kidney stones and erectile dysfunction.

As a proponent of the body’s ability to heal oneself, I also choose not to adhere to one-size fits all approach to patient care. As a result, I have incorporated a more integrative approach to many of the disease processes that I treat including the use of biofeedback, acupuncture and other Eastern and alternative therapies. This allows the patient to be at the center and in control of their treatment.

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